Apr 09 2018

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Rio Hondo sees near six percent drop in sales tax revenue

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor
It appears fallout from construction on the Rio Hondo Bridge is starting to be felt more and more each month. For the first time all year, Rio Hondo is reporting a drop off in sales tax revenue from a year ago. While the City still recorded $15,722, that number represents a 4.97% dip from 2017’s numbers. For the year, Rio Hondo is still above water, with total revenue by a slim 1.02% clip, or roughly $500.
The negative numbers come as Rio Hondo is set to reopen the bridge connecting the two parts of town.
“It has affected pretty much every business negatively,” said resident Elias Ortega. “I think all of us are ready to go back to life as usual and see if we can get out of this mini recession.”

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