Mar 15 2018

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Man arrested after returning items stolen by girlfriend

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor
A man is behind bars today after attempting to return items that his girlfriend stole earlier in that the day. According to police reports, Jason Jose Marquez DeLeon was arrested outside a T-Mobile store after officers determined he had an out-of-town warrant for his arrest. DeLeon was reportedly only in the store to return several items that were stolen by his girlfriend and her mom.
According to the report, employees first noticed the mother and daughter shoplifters at around 2:30 p.m. on March 11. One of the employees noticed several items, including Beats headphones and phone chargers, missing from the racks. After viewing surveillance video, it was determined the two had stolen over $200 worth of items before leaving.
The T-Mobile employees were able to track down the accounts of the two females and called their cell umbers on file. After denying the allegations at first, the two agreed to return the items they stole later that day. However, they would not be returning themselves.
The person who appeared at the scene with the stolen items was 29-year-old DeLeon, who stated he was just told to return some items to the store. DeLeon did not appear to have knowledge of the incident as he repeatedly stated, “I was just told to return these items to this store.”
Police eventually ran DeLeon’s name through the database and found that he was wanted on a parole violation out of Austin. After arresting the boyfriend, officers again tried to contact the other two suspects, though those attempts were not successful. Arrest warrants were issued for the other two, but neither had been arrested as of press time.

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