Mar 12 2018

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Commission meeting rundown: City approves $10,000 deposit for performer, Autism Awareness

By Art Tanney
Special to the NEWS
The City Commission of San Benito addressed several important topics in their meeting Tuesday night. Early in the meeting, Chief of Police Michael Galvan requested and received an approval by the Commission for an annual payment of $31,470 to the company that handles the records and dispatch system for the Police Department.  The annually budgeted item is significant because the system allows the Communications and Records division to operate.  Chief Galvan explained, “the software is key to our daily operations and controls all our case management from the first call to service to the final disposition of all cases.”  He also noted that the regular price for something like this would be around  $750,000 but that “what we [the San Benito Department] are paying for is piggybacking off the Harlingen servers.”
The San Benito Independent School District presented the Commissioners with a request for use of the amphitheater and Heavin Trails facilities for the 11th annual autism awareness event on Friday, April 6th.  The event began as a way for parents with autistic children to find support services and to help the students transition into the community.  Mr. Luis Gonzales, the coordinator for the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) department at the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District said, “This event is about bringing the resources we have that we know are available to us so that the community can look at that.”   If the city partners with FACE, the event will feature a city logo
and the opening ceremony would involve dignitaries from the city.  Mr. Gonzales was especially would like to use the Heavin Trails for the “parade of colors” portion which features students from all of the different schools in the district.  The event is a strategic marketing opportunity for the city as the event draws people from other areas who do not have anything similar.  Mr. Gonzalez estimated that the event usually draws between 500 and 600 people.  “It becomes not only a school event but it becomes a community event and that’s why I think a partnership is crucial,” Mr. Gonzalez continued.  FACE requested use of the restrooms and concession stands and asked if the protocols involving the concession stands could be waived.  Any food items sold would be considered a fundraiser for the school programs and students selling them.  City Manager Manuel de la Rosa expressed the need for anything food related to involve someone with safe food handling certifications, something the school district does not require.  Mr. de la Rosa also recommended the city use some of their police and fire staff along with park personnel to keep the event secure.
A $10,000 deposit was approved to secure Mark Chesnutt as the headliner for the Hog Waddle Country Concert and Cook-off on May 19th.  The Commission also approved hosting the second annual Resaca City Music Festival in October and gave its permission for professional services to be contracted to provide music promotion and related services and sponsorship to be sought.

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