Police working to identify possible drowning victim

By: Pete Banda
Managing Editor


Interim Police Chief Michael Galvan said rescue divers with the Brownsville Fire Department are currently assisting with the search for a possible body in the Resaca.

Although police say witnesses’ accounts have varied, officers are currently canvasing the area outside of the water for the individual they believe to be the victim.

“We’ve gotten a lot of different stories regarding the possible victim, but nothing has been confirmed yet,” said Galvan. “There is one name that seems to be the most prevalent so we have officers out looking for him to determine if he is actually missing.”

Galvan added that the search for the body will continue until the sun goes down, at which point rescue divers and officers would be called off for their own safety.

No changes will be made to the scheduled Resaca Fest events.


More information will provided as details are made available by Police.

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