City hosting Valle Hermoso Mayor-elect

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According to a press release from San Benito Public Relations Director Martha McClain, San Benito spent most of the day on Thursday hosting Daniel Torres Espinoza, Mayor-elect of the City of Valle Hermoso. Other representatives of the office are expected to accompany him.
Mr. Torres apparently asked to meet with City of San Benito officials to discuss matters of mutual concern as he prepares to take office.
Mayor Celeste Z. Sanchez welcomes the visit, saying she is happy to meet with her counterpart on the opposite of the Free Trade International Bridge. The City of San Benito owns one-fourth share of the international crossing, along with the City of Harlingen and Cameron County.
“This is just a friendly visit between two mayors. I hope it will establish a friendship that will continue to grow into the future,” Mayor Sanchez said in the press release. “If we have the opportunity to help each other in future endeavors, that would be great,” she added.
The city has not closed any of their offices, but are taking measures to ensure the safety of their visitors.
“We are open for business, but security measures are being taken to ensure the safety of these international visitors,” according to Interim Police Chief Michael Galvan.

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    • Searaven on July 16, 2016 at 12:37 pm
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    Mayor is seeking any type of publicity to cover her lack of leadership and courage to bring San Benito back to glory. She has lost so much support from the public. She needs to step down and let someone who is going to represent ALL the citizens of San Benito instead of her circle of friends. Until we get the commission to work together, we will not progress as our neighbors are progressing.

    • Marco on July 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm
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    What in the beep can any Mexican Mayor do for San Benito?! Mayor, you are having delusions of grandeur that simple don’t exist. Probably will be a fun day for you though, huh Mayor? Paid for by the taxpayers of course, huh Mayor.

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