Man says he was chased down after trying to deliver Apollo Male Dancer tickets

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Police are looking to question a San Benito man on possible charges of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle after the victim stated the man chased him down after trying to deliver Apollo Male Dancer tickets to the suspect’s sister and girlfriend.

According to police, Mark Anthony Ramirez stopped by Callendret Street last week to drop off the tickets to two females, but was surprised to run into an upset Anthony Cavazos instead of the two women he was expecting.

According to the police report, the two males began arguing, causing Ramirez, who reported he has an unspecified disability, to try and get in his car and flee the scene for fear of his safety. Cavazos, still angered over the tickets, proceeded to get in his car and chase Ramirez down Edwards Street, back up Yost road, down Sam Houston Boulevard and even following the victim when he tried to turn onto Cash street, the report stated.  The victim stated that several times Cavazos attempted to block off the road in order to start a fight but that he kept driving around the other vehicle until Cavazos rammed his car into his.

By the time Ramirez decided to call the cops, Cavazos fled had fled the scene. Police made contact with Cavazos’ sister and asked her to let him know they were looking for him. A few hours later, Cavazos did in fact make contact with officers but advised he was out of town and would not be able to come in for questioning. “As of right now we are still waiting for him to come in so we can speak with him and take a look at his vehicle,” said San Benito Assistant Police Chief Michael Galvan. “We usually try to be accommodating with the suspect and give them anywhere between a week and two weeks to come speak with us before issuing any kind of warrant,” he added.

With the incident taking place last Tuesday, time is running out for Cavazos to come and tell his side of what happened. “We really just want to sit him down and see what he says, if he does decide to confess to what happened then we can act right away and arrest him on the spot,” said Galvan. “If not, then we would go and find a third party witness… it would make things a little harder for us, but in the end we’ll eventually find out what really happened.”

According to Galvan, if they were to file any charges against Cavazos, it would be one of two possible charges: Aggravated assault with a motor vehicle or accident causing damage to a motor vehicle.








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