Vendor raises concerns over SBCISD clinic selection

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San Benito Logo_w:skyA bidder for the San Benito CISD on-site primary health care clinic continues to raise concerns regarding the recent selection process.

Andy Bonner, President of Healthcare2U, formerly known as Business Healthcare Solutions, alleges irregularities concerning the district’s hiring of a consultant to evaluate the clinic bids. Specifically, Bonner said he was notified by an anonymous “SBCISD insider” via email of the district’s hiring of William “Bill” Rusteberg, an insurance agent for Valley Baptist Medical Center, to evaluate said bids.

The Board of Trustees on June 10 unanimously approved Valley Baptist’s bid at the recommendation of the finance committee – this following Bonner’s attempt to share his concerns with the Board during public comment. It was the selection of Valley Baptist over his company, Healthcare2U, which prompted Bonner to seek legal counsel.

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    • Rita on July 2, 2014 at 8:26 am
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    San Benito News: Was Valley Baptist and Consultant not given the opportunity to respond to these allegations?

  1. @ Voice of reason
    We as a community are beginning to realize the joke our board has turned out to be. With the recent moves from the newly elected board members, it’s very apparent these guys don’t care about the students, staff or community! They are pulled and driven by political agendas that don’t have our best interest at stake. They have to pay back all their promises for support at any cost and it’s shown by the resent decisions the board has made in a short time. The most positive word on the street is that the FBI,TEA are keeping a very close eye on our district as of late. If you don’t believe me, just simply ask and they’ll tell you to say away… We as a community need to continue to pry for information and except nothing but the facts from these public servants who want to gain from our loss…

  2. @ twocentsworth
    I agree with your blog. These new board members headed by Arnold are sure turning out to be a total debacle. The whole election people wanted change and these is what we got, incompetence. That’s what happens when you vote uneducated you get these mess.. People complained about the previous board president but these guy does not impress one bit.. His control by aliens it appears like with the decisions him and his followers are making. We need to vote Ana Cruz out for sure, she’s the puppet master and everyone knows it. Vote smart people are we will be taken over by this mess for years to come…

    • QBSB on June 29, 2014 at 11:33 am
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    Ok SMH we know whose side you were on before they got elected. SMH!!

      • voice of reason on June 29, 2014 at 6:30 pm
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      Say what you want, but as smh said here we go again, that letter held a lot of factual information with a lot of double talk if you really read what Super Padilla said in the article. I hope I can borrow Super Padilla I really like that. So he says pull your hired consultant out and the score still stands. He never addressed the price discrepancy or the fact that based on what was presented there was no way that VB could have outscored Mr. Bonner. Once again this really needs to be looked into………we will see,

        • TwoCentsWorth on July 1, 2014 at 10:45 am
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        Even though i voted for the new board members, I agree that this is highly improper. Arnold should know by now that even the “appearance of impropriety” is unacceptable. Now I’m wondering whether the same shenanigans are common place within the Housing Authority. Arnold, you’ve lost a lot of creditability.

  3. Here we go again, another issue with the new coalition on selecting vendors. We can’t say we are surprised by the mess this new board members are causing. Interesting how Super Arnold Padilla relies on his attorney for advice when his running the show.. Trust me, the writings in the wall that they want O’Hanlon as the school attorney so when this deal goes south Torres will be replaced by O’Hanlon. These board members are a total joke. What’s new for us employees a new insurance agent let me guess!!!! SIG WILL BE REPLACED BY BOB TREVINO OR ONE OF HIS FRIENDS!!!! Total joke!!! Embarrassing

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