SBASC COMMITTEE: Was it a good idea to hire a consultant?

Greyhound logo (90s)The San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee is a group of citizens formed to hold accountable the actions of San Benito CISD administrators during their search for a new head football coach and athletic director. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re not fans of selection committees doing the job that the aforementioned administrators and elected officials are responsible for… but our little club is okay. Together, we plan to offer commentary on hot button issues currently buzzing during the AD/head football coach search. Expect us to offer our two cents every weekend in the San Benito News. Here’s our first effort.


Michael Rodriguez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Michael Rodriguez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

Wow. This is some group we’ve assembled here. We’re journalists, coaches, former athletes, law enforcement, educators and, perhaps more importantly, fans. Oh yeah, and none of us have ever played or coached high school football nor have we served in any administrative capacity for the school district; and yet, according to the logic of some decision-makers in this community, I suppose that also makes us perfect candidates for a selection committee to decide the fate of the athletic program for the next several years. Enter the San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee. Break yourself.

In short, and because I don’t have much space thanks to the long-winded rants of those beneath me (both literally and figuratively), I would have to reluctantly say yes to the question posed above. We need a consultant. Consider that the only other person who would be responsible for launching a search for the Greyhounds’ new athletic director and head coach is Interim Superintendent Dr. Ismael Cantu, who knows little about the community’s rich athletic history. Someone like Rusty Dowling, who coached Texas City to two state championships in the late 1990s, makes perfect sense to serve as said consultant.

I would only ask that the plight of true Greyhound fans (you know… the ones who choose not to walk out on the team in the third quarter because defeat appears inevitable) is considered.


Francisco E. Jimenez San Benito High School Class of 2006

Francisco E. Jimenez
San Benito High School
Class of 2006

Hi, my name is Francisco, but most people call me Frank or Franco. I once caught an interception in middle school football. It got called back because of pass interference. That being said, I have caught a large number of those plastic footballs the cheerleaders throw out whenever the Hounds score a touchdown (albeit whenever I am not sitting in the nosebleed section of Bobby Morrow Stadium). I am clearly the foremost authority of Greyhound football expertise.

As someone who has religiously attended nearly every Greyhound football game as far back as I can remember, as a fan and as a member of the Greyhound band in high school, I can’t help but feel the way I assume most Greyhound fans feel: I am entitled to my opinion, and everyone is entitled to know what it is.

I feel as though the job of athletic director and head football coach should be split, but as a district are we financially stable enough to afford such a luxury? Not at the moment, probably. Therefore, I agree with the board’s decision to keep the two positions as one, one position to rule them all. As far as hiring a consultant in search of the said position, I find it difficult to disagree with the decision; with exception to the amount of money it will cost the district. Oh well, you get what you pay for, right?


Rebecca Lynn Martinez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Rebecca Lynn Martinez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

I can remember back in high school the influence of Coach Dan Coplea. His impact on my older brother, Esteban Martinez, during the 9-2-1, area round-qualifying Greyhounds in 1996, was immeasurable. Coach Coplea was a good motivator who promoted work ethic, discipline and pushed his team to be the best.

Then there was my experience coaching a softball team. My group of girls could have been unfairly characterized as misfits, and yes… we lost many games. However, it wasn’t long before my brother, who served as my assistant, and I helped turn the team around. We just wanted to help these girls, and being dedicated to them, going home at the end of the day and wondering what I could do to get them to do better, is all that was necessary to build their confidence and end the season by winning a second place trophy in their last tournament.

Not bad for a team filled with girls who didn’t know they needed a glove the first day of practice.

So if it means finding a coach who can take ownership of the community and, above all, care about the kids, then by all means, hire a consultant. I just hope that his advice is heard; after all, why go to church if you don’t listen to the Word.


Hector Avila San Benito High School El Greyhound Mayor

Hector Avila
San Benito High School
El Greyhound Mayor

I’ll be honest. Like a kid in a candy store, I was excited like a lot of Greyhound aficionados are about getting a coach who will right this ship (football program). This is a program which has been capsized, left on an island sort of like where Gilligan was.

Take us to the motherland of milk and honey, if you will.

With that said, consider that I have always frowned on committees. But when I was asked if I would consider being on a committee recently, it was one of those catch 22 questions, so I said “OK” out of fear that I’d regret it later.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to just hire a consultant.

This would remove any bias or any stigma of the compadre system or good ole boy mentality often associated with committees. This is the right thing to do. “Heck, what’s a few more dollars spent anyway,” I thought.

It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the school district is shelling out now. These dollars would be well spent with more pros than cons, with a well-qualified consultant.

Football season can’t get here fast enough! So yeah, that’s what I’d do.


Stacey Lee Gonzalez San Benito High School Class of 2010

Stacey Lee Gonzalez
San Benito High School
Class of 2010

I suppose it’s a good thing that I was not tasked with the challenge of hiring the new AD/head coach. As with all of my major life decisions, my Magic 8 ball has yet to let me down (except the time it encouraged me to risk it with expired yogurt).

On that note, and quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more on the consultation of Rusty Dowling. With an extensive background in coaching and athletic administration, Dowling also has access to a vast network across the state. With that in mind, maybe I’ll hire him as my personal relationship consultant. His ability to secure state titles must be transferable in helping me secure a potential boyfriend, right? But I digress. The AD’s ability to take three photographs of himself, each clearly labeled on the back with his name. One must be a close-up of his face, the second must be a full-length photograph of his entire (clothed) body, and the third must be a full-length photograph of him wearing a swimsuit, and one of these three photographs may be in black and white.

Keep in mind; these factors may vary from one campus to another. I’m inclined to believe that America’s Next Top Model has modeled (no pun intended) their application process after the coach hiring process. Then again, what do I know? I can barely convince people I’ve hit puberty.

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