Being Thankful


Ahhh … and so now it’s time for the holiday season to drop down upon us. Beginning here with Thanksgiving and running through the new year celebration.

Football from every angle, basketball season is here and even winter trade talks of baseball are in the midst. All is well from the sports nuts. As this week marks a time for giving thanks, I’d like to take a few short words here and reflect on my own.

As I stated from my first column here I am truly thankful for getting a chance to write here each week and to those that are giving me this chance I say again, thanks.

On this my 47th Thanksgiving celebration I find myself thankful for having the health to function on a daily basis. I only have to listen to a prayer meeting at church to put that into proper perspective that things could be far worse. I have thanks for the eyesight to see the games, the hearing to take in the roar of a crowd and for the voice that allows me to talk about it when on the air.

I’m thankful for my parents who are still alive and well on this earth; for the endless love and guidance that they poured upon me for as long as I’ve been here.

For the gifts and talents that I have I am thankful on this day, from my announcing, to my writing, from playing the piano and for my ability to talk.

I’m thankful for four wonderful daughters who have all now gone through school and are busy building their adult lives. For the beautiful granddaughters that are growing up faster than I could dream.

For the two whom now make up a new part of my life I say thank you. From Juliette’s surprise gifts to Jonathan working out the math.

For the ones that believed in me when I have stumbled throughout my mistakes I shall ever be thankful even as they continue to believe in me now.

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