San Benito area hotbed for dove hunts

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The 2022-23 hunting season got underway last weekend with the special white-winged dove.

Hunters have two, three-day weekends to go after the fast flying birds starting Sept. 2 through Sunday, Sept. 4 and from Sept. 9-11 in the South Central region of the state, which includes the Rio Grande Valley.
As with most things these days, participants can expect to pay about 30 percent or more from the previous year.

A box of the cheapest shotgun shells, for instance, is now selling at $10, compared to about $6 before and booking a hunt for the nearly half a dozen outfitters is going for about $50 more for one day of hunting.

But don’t despair, the Texas Park & Wildlife Department has 2,271 acres of public land divided into nine units in Cameron and Hidalgo counties to hunt dove and other species for a mere $48 annual permit in addition to a regular hunting license.

The land includes a 118- acreage tract on the outskirts of San Benito locate at the end of Kornage Road.
After obtaining the two licenses, all a hunter need is to go inside the unit, called Carricitos, either on foot or in a vehicle and find a place to hunt for the flying bird.

Other nearby tracks of land include the Arroyo Colorado Unit located between Rio Hondo and Arroyo City and Resaca De La Palma Unit off Carmen Road west of Brownsville.

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