HEB donates $50k to B&G Club

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In mid-February of this year, strong winds of over 50 mph destroyed the pavilion roof structure of the San Benito Boys & Girls Club, leading the Club to close for the remainder of the week.

Quickly, through a Facebook fundraiser, the club raised nearly $5,000 from donations within a week. Furthermore, the Club accumulated another $9,000 in personal checks from the community.

Now the Boys & Girls Club has received its largest contribution for the pavilion renovation to date in the form of $50,000 from HEB’s Tournament of Champions, the company’s charity foundation.

“I wrote the grant application in February and four months later we got a notification that we had been approved,” said Boys & Girls Club Board Chair Liz Chavez. “I wrote it within a couple of hours, and it was easy because the cause was personal and it came from the heart.”

HEB’s email notification read, “It is our sincere hope that this will help ensure the success of your organization’s program and initiative. HEB thanks you for your meaningful impact in your community.”

Chavez said that with the extra money they have received from HEB, they are planning on surprising the community and rebuilding not only the pavilion roof but also the floor and basketball goals.

“Every single year we keep the members in mind, and that part of the area is kept open for the community, so we’re excited to be able to give the community something nice they can be proud of and we just can’t wait to see that brand new space,” Chavez said.

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