Board discusses pay raises and policy revisions


The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees discussed board policy revisions, pay raises, and forensic audit matters during a regular board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 9.
Pay raises
The school board approved changes to the 2021-2022 compensation plan.
Trustee Orlando Lopez questioned if the district has conducted surveys to see if they deliver competitive substitute pay rates compared to neighboring school districts.
“Prior to this increase we have already compared and are comparable to neighboring districts,” said Andrea Cruz, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services.
The daily pay rate for non-degreed, degreed, and degreed with certification, guest teachers all increased.
A motion was made to pass changes to the compensation plan by Trustee Rudy Corona and seconded Orlando Lopez. The motion passed 6-0 with one abstention.
Board Policy Revisions
Corona requested to revise policy DC(LOCAL)—which deals with the hiring of both contractual and non-contractual employees. The policy was amended during a previous board meeting, which gave the board final authority over the employment of both contractual and non-contractual employees; the superintendent holds the power to recommend candidates for hire.
Corona brought the issue to the board due to multiple complaints from directors that they missed out on hiring bus drivers.
“We have lost the opportunity to hire some of these bus drivers because they put [in] their application and by the time it comes to the board another school has picked them up,” he said.

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