Commission discusses new residential subdivision


The San Benito City Commission discussed a new home subdivision during a regular commission meeting on Tuesday, Oct 19.
David Floodman, a representative of UR Home Texas, proposed a new residential subdivision in the city. The subdivision would be located at the intersection of Russel Lane and Lovett Road. Floodman explained that they plan to build three different types of lots including small garden-style homes at a lower price point, average-sized homes, and larger lots.
According to Floodman, the water is flowing away from the channel, so the subdivision would not add anything to the Lovett drainage. City Manager Manuel De La Rosa explained to the commission that the water runs north and parallel with Lovett Road.
“We are looking at all of these things and Mr. Floodman needs to report what he hears here [to the commission]… and what the public is saying about this development,” De La Rosa said.

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