Local artist paints mural on Robertson St.

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Local artist, Raymond Claudio, poses next to a section of his mural on Robertson St.
(Photo by Louie Diaz)


To revive San Benito’s downtown area, local artist Raymond Claudio was commissioned to paint a mural by local businesswoman Iris De La Rosa Garcia, the owner of The Shop With A Little Bit of Everything.
“We are always working to revitalize historic Robertson St. and murals was one way to revitalize the area,” she said.
In keeping with her theme of shopping local, De La Rosa-Garcia sought out local artists to paint the mural. She was referred to Claudio by one of the vendors at her store who is related to him.
De La Rosa-Garcia and her team brainstormed some ideas together, decided what sorts of imagery should go on the mural, and came up with the mural’s theme—love where you live. The team pitched the ideas they had to Claudio, and he made a small rendering of the mural.
The mural is located at the intersection of Robertson and Travis St. With the help of one of the vendors, Norma Boland, De La Rosa-Garcia received permission from the building’s owner to have the mural painted on its wall. The large mural spans an area of about 40-feet wide and 12-feet tall.
De La Rosa-Garcia mentioned that she received an anonymous donation from a local citizen to kickstart the project. However, she hopes to commission more murals with the help of the San Benito EDC grants.
Claudio has painted murals in the city before. He painted a mural of former president John F. Kennedy in 1998 at Heavin Park, but it has been covered up because it was vandalized. He also has some paintings located inside of the Hollywood Club and at the Fun-N-Sun RV Resort.

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