SB resident turns home into an Elon Musk and SpaceX mural

House of Space
Pictured is a section of the Rosales’ home painted with Elon Musk’s face and SpaceX imagery. (Courtesy photo)


Lifelong San Benito resident, Willie Rosales Jr., had his home painted into a mural of Elon Musk and SpaceX.
Inspiration for the mural struck Rosales while he was stargazing during a trip to Big Bend National Park. Along the way, he visited Marfa, Texas, a town known for its art, and decided to transform his house into a mural.
However, Rosales could not complete the mural himself. Rosales reached out to Rio Grande Valley artist, Alejandro Gonzalez, to complete his vision.
Rosales brainstormed with Gonzalez to help decide what images should go onto the mural. He sat with Gonzalez and sifted through a number of photos that represented Musk.
“I came up with about 100 photos and me and Alejandro sat through them, and I told him that I really wanted it to be bold,” Rosales said.
Musk’s success sparked Rosales’ interest in Musk and his projects.
“His success with everything the guy touches, everything he has been a part of, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, it just seems like everything he touches goes in the right direction,” Rosales said.
Rosales is excited about Musk’s endeavor to reach Mars.
“To me it represents the future,” he said. “I probably won’t be alive to see someone going to Mars, and maybe not my son either, but someone will eventually see us go to Mars and I think it’s a great thing.”

This project took 4.5 days for Gonzalez to complete, he mentioned. He also explained how it was a unique experience painting a mural on someone’s home.
“He was there all the time and then he brought his family, he brought his friends, and the neighbors, it was a show,” Gonzalez said.
Gonzalez began painting murals last year beginning with one of Kobe Bryant in McAllen and has painted over 60 murals since. He plans to paint eight murals in cities across the Valley, totaling about 300. Gonzalez is currently working on opening a mural park in Edinburg.

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