Attebery wins 2021 SBN Scholarship



San Benito High School senior, Aaliyah Attebery, is the recipient of this year’s San Benito News scholarship.
Born in Oklahoma, Attebery and her family moved to the Valley and have lived here for the past 15 years. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented circumstances to school students across the country, Attebery has maintained a high level of academic achievement.
During her senior year, Attebery cemented herself as seventh in her class. Attebury also consistently maintained being in the top five percent of her class throughout her four years of high school which earned her a Hi-5 award. She also candidly expressed that obtaining scholarships for college motivated her to do well in her academics.
Attebery credited her parents for pushing her to take college courses and to stay on top of her work.
“They have always pushed me to take AP class and dual classes. They were very helpful in applying to college and making sure I did things early because I’m a bad procrastinator,” Attebery said.
So far, she has passed the AP Comparative Government and U.S. History tests; and is currently waiting on the results for her AP Art, Biology, and U.S. Government tests. Attebery will enter college with about 40 credit hours.
Attebery took advantage of her time at home by completing her college applications.
“It was nice having more free time to get stuff done around the house and fill out my college applications rather than rushing and doing it all before or after school and in between classes like I normally would have had to,” Attebery said.

Attebery will attend the University of Houston where she intends to major in marketing and minor in graphic design. After college, she plans to pursue a career as a marketing director for a video game or movie studio.

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