Church donates shoes to SBCISD students

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San Benito students pose with shoes they received from First Methodist Church of San Benito. (Photo by Louie Diaz)


The First Methodist Church of San Benito partnered with the San Benito CISD and Walmart on Saturday, March 27, to donate shoes to children in need.
According to Tricia Morrow, Chairperson for the In His Steps program, six children from each of the 16 schools were selected to receive shoes tallying 96 pairs of shoes.
“However, if the student comes and there are four other children in the family, then we give those children shoes as well,” Morrow said. “Everyone in the family will get shoes.”
About 117 pairs of shoes were donated to children in need this past Saturday, totaling near $2,000 worth of shoes, Morrow said.
On Saturday, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., families chosen to be a part of the program were invited to come to Walmart in San Benito and pick out shoes.
With help from donations from the church members and the community, the church was able to raise enough money to fund the project. One of the largest donations came from Fun-N-Sun. According to Morrow, about $3,500 were donated by members of Fun-N-Sun.
There was no spending limit per student Morrow said. The only criteria students had is that the shoes had to follow school dress code. Morrow noted that $16.60 has been the average cost of shoes in previous years.
“We let them pick out whatever shoe as long as it’s a school shoe. They pick them out, we don’t say yes or no,” Morrow said.
According to Morrow, the In His Steps program has been around for about 15 years. However, the program was revamped two years ago in 2019. Before 2019, the church had an agreement with Payless Shoe Source.

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