San Benito offers new alert system

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Shown is a screenshot of the login page for the city’s alert system.


The City of San Benito has offered a new alert system for citizens to improve communication with its citizenry.
The alert system is open to any citizen with an email address and/or cell phone number. According to a San Benito press release, the new alert system is targeted to those who do not have or engage with social media but wish to receive non-critical updates about the city. With the new system citizens will be able to receive email and text notifications from the city.
According to David Favila, San Benito’s public relations director, the system will send out non-emergency notifications about the city. The notifications will include utility updates, trash service updates, and street closure information. However, the new alert system does not take place of the Code Red alert system the city currently uses.
“The Code Red alert system is reserved for use by the San Benito Police Department for relaying critical, emergency information to citizens,” Favila said.
Favila noted that San Benito’s Utility Billing Department discussed the idea of an alert system for several months to have a wider distribution of information to residents in the community. The Utility Billing Department will be in charge of sending out notifications.
According to Favila, the subscription to the system will cost the city $3,000 per year. The service is with a web-based app called tip 411 from the company CitizenObserver LLC.

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