Citizen concerned about aggressive dogs in neighborhood


A San Benito resident has raised concerns about a neighbor’s aggressive dogs on the loose in their neighborhood.
Juan Mendoza a resident on Whitney Street states that the dog problem has persisted for over six months. He has contacted San Benito Animal Control and reported the problem. Mendoza claims that animal control has gone by Whitney Street several times and has had their vehicle chased by the dogs.
“We got a neighbor walking with his cane and he can’t even walk down the street because the dogs will attack him,” Mendoza said.
Mendoza stated that reached out to San Benito Animal Control about two weeks ago. However, he was not able to get a hold of them until Tuesday, Feb. 9 where he spoke to Bernard Rodriguez, Director of San Benito Animal Control. According to Mendoza, the dogs have not bitten anyone yet, but they do chase people.
“I’m just a concerned citizen looking out for my neighbors,” Mendoza said.
The owner of the dogs, Ray Rodriguez, has not been contacted. Mendoza also has not confronted the owner as well. Animal Control has been contacted but has not yet responded to calls.

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