Schools nominate, Rotarians donate



Faculty members accept Rotarian Contributions for nominated families. (Courtesy photo)

On the heels of hosting a monumental Halloween trick-or-treat drive-thru event alongside the San Benito Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club of San Benito is gearing up for another community event to help families in San Benito have a memorable Thanksgiving.
“We contacted the principals and counselors of 10 elementary schools so that they could nominate a family in need that they may have in their school since they know their children. They agreed that they would recommend a family,” said President of the San Benito Rotary Club, Dr. Olivia Rivas.
“Two meals will be delivered to each of the 10 elementary schools, one will get three because we were told by that school that they actually had three families in dire need, so that’s 21 one meals in total” continued Dr. Rivas.
The boxes that were delivered Friday morning November 20, to the children and their parents, included a turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, green beans, yams, bread and corn, according to Dr Rivas.
The 21 turkeys were donated by State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. and San Benito Housing Authority Board Member, Victor Rosas, but the rest of the items in the boxes came from a generous group of men from Harris County, and 50 turkeys have already been promised for next year’s turkey drive.
Dr. Rivas said, “Generally, all families get together, and they bring one food item to create one big meal, but I don’t think that many families are going to be in big groups this year. We could’ve just given out a free turkey, but we felt like, ‘let’s get them the whole meal so they are not dependent on family to complete their Thanksgiving meal.’”

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