District mourns loss




The San Benito CISD is mourning the loss of an esteemed colleague and friend to many, Assistant Superintendent Hilda Garcia-Rendon; who had been with the SBCISD since May 2016, according to previous reports, and passed away Sunday evening.
Rendon’s formal title was Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations. In a press release, the district extended its condolences to Rendon’s family, stating that the San Benito School Board of Trustees, district administrators, and department and campus personnel extended their most sincere condolences to the Rendon and Garcia families.
San Benito CISD Board President Orlando López remembers Rendon for her team effort and dedication to the district and its financial well-being.
Lopez said, “I was fortunate to work with Mrs. Rendon these past several years and was able to see, firsthand, her dedication to our district and its financial well-being. We wish the Rendon and Garcia families much courage and peace during this difficult time. Mrs. Rendon was a dedicated employee. Her experience in school finance and attention to details were at the forefront of her professional drive to bring the district to sound fiscal solvency. Her contribution to the success of San Benito schools will forever be remembered.”

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