Rivera-San Benito game postponed


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Things are far from normal across the Rio Grande Valley due to COVID-19, and as citizens attempt to return to normalcy, they are being constantly reminded that they are far from being out of the woods. Last week, for example, there was a district game scheduled against Rivera High School when the San Benito football program abruptly got the news of Rivera High not being able to participate due to two students that tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Alberto Leal, athletic director for Rivera High School, “the game was not canceled because it is a district game, so it needs to be played.” He also confirmed that the game was postponed until November the 19th to give ample time for the 14-day quarantine recommendation by the CDC.
Both students are fine and recovering from COVID-19 thru quarantine, said Leal. The Brownsville community has also been engaged in following up on the well being of both students.

“We cannot be one hundred percent that this will work out, but they will be tested again before they go out on the field for the safety of our football players and San Benito’s as well,” Leal said. Getting the results on Thursday, the day before the game proved to be a challenge for San Benito.

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