Letters to the editor: On the beaches re-opening

We asked readers online to give us their opinion on the beaches opening this past weekend. Below are their responses.

“Wow,” is about all I can say. It was unbelievably crazy at the beach; traffic, golf carts, restaurants, and retail stores. Most did not use masks or practice social distancing at all. A total madhouse. I am very concerned.
Sandra Tarpey
Port Isabel
SPI Retail worker

I was horrified. No social distancing. Few masks. I fear for our community and for our visitors.
Lucinda Wierenga
South Padre Island

A bad idea. The number of positive cases is still going up and people think it’s spring break out there. Also keep the curfew and masks for another month, for all of Cameron County.
A. Leal
San Benito

It’s great. Thirty-minute drive for a day of paradise. You want to go, go.
RA Canas
San Benito

It’s completely irresponsible and reckless for our county to reopen the beaches and, furthermore, relax restrictions. Just because our inept Governor and Lt. Governor prioritize dollars over human life doesn’t mean we need to follow suit. Cameron County and Texas as a whole have not met the CDC recommendation of at least two weeks of decline in new cases to lift stay-at-home orders. We are increasing our chances of a severe outbreak in one of the most disadvantaged areas in the Lone Star State.
Adan Oceguera
San Benito

Great for the much-needed economy! I had a great time with my kids, we ate on the beach.
Erika Gallegos
San Benito

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    • Francisca Carrizales on May 7, 2020 at 6:30 pm
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    That’ was crazy no mask no distance like there nothing going on but our governor is like the president they want money no matter who dies those are your Republicans

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