Letter to the editor: Uncharted waters

Dear Editor:

As we set out to partially re-open Friday, we should all take extra precautions going forward if we don’t want to end up back where we were.

Do you need something at Target? Consider curbside for a bit longer.

Frustrated staying home? You can now (starting May 1) take a drive with kids and get out of the house.

Visiting elderly? Please be extra, extra cautious, and still wear some sort of facial covering around them and stay far away as much as possible. They are the most vulnerable right now.

To all the businesses that have posted they will forego opening Friday and continue curbside and delivery, I commend your decision. We know the decision was tough.

We are adults. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves and our families. Please take care of yourself and be considerate of others when you’re in public by maintaining distance. I’ve seen several photos and videos showing complete disregard for others, and although few don’t seem to care, I also know there’s a great deal of people willing to do their part and curve the spread. Good luck to all as we navigate uncharted waters.

Liz Chavez
San Benito


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    • La pura verdad on May 8, 2020 at 3:06 pm
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    I still.took my kid out for drive once a week. I don’t care about what the governor, judge ..much less what the president says.

    You are right Liz Chavez…most adults know better, but others just care about the economy…they don’t care at what cost.
    It’s just BS. When the governor says one thing. The judge says another it’s all contradicts the purpose. They SHOULD OF AGREED ON ONE THING. COVER YOUR MOUTH NOSE. . WHEN YOU ARE AMONG PEOPLE. . but since they are not all on same page. . numbers continue to rise.
    No matter what kind of education we may or may not have People Are Stupid.

    And don’t believe what comes out of the president’s mouth. .. I sure don’t care what he says. He contradicts everything that True experts are telling us.
    That fool whether being sarcastic or not was advising the world to inject cleaning toxic material. Imagine if people listened to him… Pure stupidity.

    I’m protecting myself .. my family ..my way.

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