McCullough Street safety measures mulled

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Speed Humps –
Regular traffic pictured on S. McCullough street.

After McCullough Street residents voiced their concerns of speedy, and potentially dangerous, vehicles driving down the road and requesting safety measures, City of San Benito officials further investigated the matter.

At a city commission meeting held on Tuesday, January 7, Lt. Michael Cortez of the San Benito Police Department stood before the commissioners, saying that speed humps may not be the best choice for the area.

The reason, the Lt. said, was because McCullough Street, and other roads in the area, are considered connector roads or thorough fairs, which provide access to other major parts of town and roadway systems within the town. “Thorough fairs are heavily traveled. Speed humps are usually not recommended for such types of roadways.”

Interim Chief of Police Fred Bell took to the podium to suggest that adding stop signs would be “more applicable,” strategically placing three-way stops along the street.

Bell further said that these are only preliminary recommendations as officers have only begun their assessments and will take some time to gather more appropriate data of the area.

Jaime Savedra, one of the McCullough Street residents who initially spoke out, told the NEWS he disagrees with the initial recommendations, saying, “Speed humps are needed.”

At a city commission meeting held on Dec. 17, Savedra and neighbors approached the city commission, pleading safety measures, in the form of speed humps, be installed along McCullough Street due to the risk and danger speeding cars posed.

Editor’s note: This article has been edited for length. To read the full story, click here or make sure to grab a copy of the Jan. 10-16, 2020 issue of the NEWS.

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