Neighborhood aims to bring Halloween back

Friendly Neighbors
Wiley Jackson (left), Aidan Ramirez (bottom left),
Joaquin Sierra (bottom right) and Jessie Rodriguez (right)
sit in their neighborhood on Palo Blanco Drive.

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Halloween is typically a night when children dress up in their favorite costumes and walk around their neighborhood, scary faces and all, ready to go door-to-door reciting the famous phrase, “Trick-or-treat!”

For one neighborhood in San Benito, however, it seems that the American tradition has nearly died out.

Two friendly neighbors, Jessie Rodriguez and Wiley Jackson, live on said neighborhood, Palo Blanco Drive. Jackson, an elderly resident, has told Rodriguez stories of the good old days when Halloween was famous in their neighborhood.

“Back in our day, trick-or-treaters would be all over the neighborhood,” Jackson said.

Jackson and his wife were ecstatic when Halloween came around as kids arrived at their house asking for candy every year. But, after looking back, he and his wife realized trick-or-treating has not been popular in their neighborhood for nearly two decades.

“North shore is now number one for kids to go trick-or-treating,” Jackson said.

And sadly, trick-or-treaters would pass by without ever knowing about Jackson and the leftover candy he would have.

Knowing that their neighborhood has been overlooked by passing trick-or-treaters, Jessie Rodriguez is encouraging his fellow neighbors to participate in Halloween this year by giving out flyers and posting about the occasion on social media.

“We want to get kids to come here. It’s a nice neighborhood to trick-or-treat,” Rodriguez said.

Since the San Benito High School Homecoming parade will be starting on the night of Halloween, Rodriguez and his neighbors would like to encourage families to come by their neighborhood on Palo Blanco Drive to trick-or-treat before heading off to the parade on Thursday.

“We want to get along and make it a comfortable place to trick or treat,” Rodriguez said. “In the end, we want to bring back the good old days.”

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