Smooth Road? Railroad Avenue renovated, rumors of lawsuit linger

Paving the way
Leo Hernandez stands on his (almost) finished product: Railroad Avenue.
(Photo by David Lopez)

Special to the NEWS

After months of outreach and organizing, the residents of Railroad Avenue, by way independent local efforts, finally have a renovated and leveled road to drive through. However, rumors of a potential lawsuit in response to said efforts have generated against the individual who committed the service.

Where there were once large dips, unpredictable potholes, and sporadic pieces of unleveled road, there now lies a smooth, drivable road in which not only residents can easily maneuver through but so can city services, such as mail, trash, and emergency vehicles.

The individual responsible, Leo Hernandez, from Harlingen, donated his time, equipment, and resources to help fix the road after the NEWS and local media reported its conditions. Hauling truck loads of caliche, cement, and asphalt to Railroad Avenue, Hernandez used his backhoe to disperse and smear the materials down the half mile road, leaving a smoother, darker finish.

Hernandez completed most of the road by Friday, Oct. 11, but earlier this week, he said that Mayor Ben Gomez informed him during a phone call that Union Pacific was inquiring information on the individual that worked on the road so that they may pursue a lawsuit against him.

Hernandez, unphased, said if this was true he would go to court. However, the NEWS contacted Gomez via phone call for verification, but he declined to comment, wishing not speak on behalf of Union Pacific. The mayor did confirm that City Manager Manuel De La Rosa “…did receive something” from Union Pacific. When asked what specifically Union Pacific was requesting, what De La Rosa received, or if mention of a potential lawsuit was afoot, Gomez denied further comment.

Because of the threat of a potential lawsuit, Hernandez said he has not returned to finish the tail end of Railroad Avenue, which harbors about three or four more households, but would gladly do so anyway. Apart from that, his backhoe, due to the excessive work on the road, suffered a malfunction, which only adds to the waiting period.

Jesse Robles, expressing his gratitude, began a GoFundMe campaign (an online fundraiser) for Hernandez with a donation goal of $3,000 to repay his donated time and resources, as well as for his backhoe fixture.

“After years of traveling up and down the dreadful Railroad Avenue, and after nearly a year of residents shifting gears on attacking this issue, residents now have a pleasant road to travel to and from their homes,” posted Robles on his Facebook page. “On behalf of the residents of Railroad Avenue, we’d like to ask all to learn about Leo of Harlingen and the kind gesture he did for several San Benito residents.”

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    • Leslie cortez on October 18, 2019 at 1:27 pm
    • Reply

    As one of the owners of the property on railroad if they want legal action well then that’s where we will go because honestly the pain, heartache, headaches, finances…woowee you have another thing coming…and as for the mayor and city manager you both are 2 dogs with your tails in-between your legs, don’t have the guts to tell us the truth want to hide from us well let’s see how the truth goes in court… discuss, ashamed, what pride??San Benito has no pride… More like snakes slithering in the garden

    • Resident on October 17, 2019 at 10:17 pm
    • Reply

    Ben Gomez and de la Rosa why aren’t you speaking why!?! Call Union Pacific to find out- it will be interesting

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