Road work ahead: City approves 2019-2020 budget


At last Thursday’s special city commission meeting, the City of San Benito approved its 2019-2020 general fund budget, totaling $13.2 million for this year’s general budget compared to last year’s budget of $12.8 million.

The largest contributor to the higher allocated funds was revenue received from property taxes: $5.24 million compared to last year’s $4.78 million.

However, the city’s property tax rate remains at 72 cents per $100 valuation. The higher number in revenue comes from new property values added to the tax roll this year.

$1,784,969 was approved for street maintenance for the 2019-2020 budget, up $19,802 from the 2018-2019 budget. The funds go toward materials and worker’s salaries.

The largest expenses in the city’s budget were for the police and fire departments. The former’s budget for 2019-2020 is $3.74 million, up $128,627 from last year’s budget. The fire department’s is $2.29 million, up $31,362 from last year’s budget.

Allocated funds for parks maintenance, recreation, and public library increased, with parks up $85,156, recreation up $98,669, and library up by $27,356. Other media reports cited this increase as due to the hiring of new employees, but the city did not confirm this as of press time.

Total city commission allocations also increased, up to $65,105 for this year, up from $34,215 in last year’s budget. Expenses for city management actually decreased by $137,023 from last year.

All details and numbers were taken from the City of San Benito’s General Fund Budget 2019-2020 posted on the city’s website.

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