‘You must be strong’: Rio Hondo resident offers survivors advice

Have Faith
Lina Rodriguez Lara says faith and a positive attitude were her major personal assets in overcoming her fight with breast cancer. (Courtesy photo)

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RIO HONDO—In one of the most pivotal moments of her life, Lina Rodriguez Lara remembers sobbing in her car in the parking lot of the doctor’s office where the last thing she expected to hear was that she had cancer.

Lara, a lifelong Rio Hondo resident and RHISD administrative assistant, was certain that when she arrived at her follow up appointment in August of 2016 she would be told that the results of her biopsy would be negative for cancer.

She had initially gone to the doctor after experiencing pain and itching on one of her breasts. With no family history of cancer, she was not expecting that life altering diagnosis. Despite the shock of the unexpected news, she kept her composure while inside the office.

“When the Doctor told me that he had bad news and that the test results showed that I did have Cancer, I was surprisingly calm,” Lara said. “It was not until I walked out of the Doctor’s office and got into my vehicle that I broke down and cried.”

Believing that her faith had provided her with the strength and peace that she needed at that moment, Lara prepared to face the journey ahead of her.

Family and friends from her work and church community rallied to support her as she battled cancer. Lara also relied on her husband, Javier Lara, and sister Blanca Tello to provide emotional and physical support in her weakest moments.

Once Lara was declared cancer free, she said her life changed completely and saw things in a new light.

“The things that used to make me stress and worry before my cancer were no longer important,” she said. “After cancer you have a new perspective on life and I now live every day thankful for my health.”

Now a cancer survivor, Lara sympathizes with others who receive the same shocking news that she did three years ago. Given the opportunity to provide some support to anyone with a cancer diagnosis, she said she would share the lessons she learned throughout her healing journey.

“If you feel like crying go ahead and cry. If you are angry, go ahead and be angry, but do not stay there,” Lara said. “You must be strong and overcome those feelings. Most importantly, trust in the Lord; He is the one that will get you through this.”

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