Businessmen develop aerial map for SBHS crisis response

View from Above
Seen is an aerial view of the San Benito High School taken from an airplane and provided to the district’s first responders, along with a detailed map, in the case of an emergency.
(Photo by Bryan Richey)

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With emergency reactions posing a constant threat across the nation, local businessmen Bryan Richey and Ursulo Robles are dedicating time to help with the crisis response plan for San Benito High School, a location with a consistently large gathering of people in the Resaca City.

Robles said they introduced a complete aerial map of the school as part of the campus’s crisis response plan. Robles said San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Director of Student Services Ray Saldaña and SBCISD Police Chief Juan Sosa agreed on the idea of the aerial map for emergency responders.

“It’s not costing the school district anything,” Robles said. “It’s a contribution in our part where we contribute to saving lives and making it easier and faster for law enforcement and emergency personnel.”

Robles said the aerial photos depict the entire area of the high school where emergency workers can exactly pinpoint the area that needs help in case of an emergency.

Richey said the aerial map helps communication between the school and all first responders.

“We have listed or labeled all of these buildings around campus,” Richey said. “When there is a crisis, security from the school passes the word to these first responders before they even leave the station; now they can push a button and know exactly where the problem (on-campus) is located. It’s vital information that quickens their response time.”

Richey, an aerial photographer, said they have already delivered the map to all the first responders in the school. Richey said currently they are working on getting advertising sponsors for the project.

“It’s a cooperative venture with our company and local business sponsors,” Richey said.

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