Two officers addressed, one suspended in end of internal investigation


The City of San Benito’s internal affairs investigation, launched to determine whether policy and procedures were violated during the shooting by police of Ricardo Trevino III, came to a close on June 5, 180 days since the police-involved shooting occurred.

The city issued a press release Wednesday evening in which Interim Police Chief Fred Bell issued a disciplinary suspension of five days against one officer, though the officer in question is not named.

With regard to two other officers involved, Chief Bell also sent out a request to the state Attorney General’s office so as to keep the investigation open until the Texas Rangers complete their criminal investigation.

“Chief Bell has issued letters to the Attorney General…so as to maintain the internal affairs investigation open beyond the 180 day deadline and pending completion of the criminal investigation by the…Texas Rangers,” read the city’s press release.

The criminal investigation by the Texas Rangers has yet to be completed. The Texas Rangers investigated whether officers were justified in using deadly force while the City investigated whether officers violated the police department’s policies and procedures.

Chief Bell also stated that, for other officers involved in the shooting, there will be no disciplinary action from the department.

“Police Chief Bell has determined that no other appealable disciplinary suspensions will be imposed. Any other corrective action to be taken within the department will be handled as counseling and training for all police personnel,” said the press release.


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