May 31 2019

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New vendor permit worries few non-profits

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With the passage of a new ordinance requiring all food vendors to apply for a “Vendor Permit,” some entities are waiting to see how it will affect their organizations when they raise funds to help others.

On May 7, at a regular city meeting, commissioners voted to approve an ordinance requiring all food vendors to apply for a “Vendor Permit,” which included some entities such as churches and sports clubs, two who sell food regularly for fundraising purposes.

Pastor Eduardo Hinojosa, a minister at New Life Christian Center in San Benito, said his church does not do too many fundraiser events outside the house of worship, but many others do.

“It worries me because I know other churches do (many fundraisers) outside the church,” Hinojosa said. “We do this for the community. We try to help the community. That’s our thing.”

Hinojosa said some churches usually do fundraisers to help families in need and some to have summer bible school.
“You know it costs money to run the air conditioning and buy stuff for the kids,” he said.

Under the ordinance, vendors are also prohibited from selling their products on the street. Organizations selling food for fundraising purposes have previously avoided paying city retail sales taxes when purchasing temporary food permits for $25 to $50, usually selling the common familiar chicken BBQ plates.


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