Pantry in need: SB Food Pantry seeking monetary donations

San Benito News


The San Benito Food Pantry, located on 2007 East Expressway 83 has served on average over 5,000 area residents a month for the past 33 years. (Photo by David Lopez)

For 33 years, the San Benito Food Pantry has served over 5,000 area residents a month. But now, the Pantry is facing a crisis unlike President Forest Walker has seen since she has volunteered with the food pantry.

“The donations have quit; the bills keep coming but there’s nothing to pay them with,” said seven-year president of the San Benito Food Pantry Forest Walker. “Insurance, utilities, and food all need to be paid” (spending up to $1000 a week).

According to Walker, for the past six months, major donations from churches and individuals have trailed off, leading the pantry to scrounge for funds.

“Only First United Methodist is donating right now save for the few individuals that give us the little bit they can,” she said.

Walker also mentioned that Rio Hondo’s small First Community Church stands as another lone donor.


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