Eva Marie Villagran, San Benito News Scholarship Winner



In her own words, Eva Marie Villagran describes her life as one strongly shaped by her family and driven by love, integrity, and humility. Shaped primarily by her family life, Villagran stands as the oldest amongst her two younger brothers and one sister.

“Growing up as the oldest sister, I had to take responsibility at an early age, I had to take care of my youngest siblings whenever my parents had to leave the house,” said Villagran.

Likewise, her parents’ stories have been major influences over her perceptions and plans. Being in the United States with little to no family around, Villagran’s parents started out with little, living alone in a small apartment. Her father began working and understanding the construction business, eventually garnering an idea and plan to begin his own construction company.

“I feel that somehow did inspire me to do what I want to do, because I do want to start my own business. He has taken me to work and whenever he was about to show a house we would go and clean it: it was nice to see how he had been planning a home and the end result,” said Villagran. “I know that my dad didn’t have the opportunities that scholarships offer, and now that I have that opportunity to go to college and get a degree, imagine how far I can get,” she said.


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