Jan 11 2019

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Water plant #2 pilot study submitted to TCEQ



The pilot protocol study implemented on San Benito’s newer water treatment plant, regarded as water plant #2, in order to return to operations, is now under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ).

TCEQ’s approval would pave way for repairs. (Courtesy Photo)

The study was submitted in November 2018 and the City is now awaiting TCEQ’s decision on its approval before repairs can begin.

A year before on November 2017, the City settled a lawsuit against engineers and contractors after a shutdown of the facility caused by malfunctions in the plant. The terms of the lawsuit settlement with Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, a defendant in the lawsuit, gave San Benito a $4 million payment along with an agreement that a pilot study would ensue to ensure the plant’s upgrade receives critical components in accordance with requirements established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

In the meantime, the City returned to its old water treatment plant to provide water services to homeowners and businesses.
The $4 million is being used to upgrade the plant to its original design standards.

“That is sufficient to take care of its needs. For those who say we did not get the full $17 million that the facility cost, please remember that the entire $17 million project included the land purchase, infrastructure, engineering fees, equipment, furnishings and buildings at the site. We still have the all of that in place, and it is still in good condition,” City Manager Manuel De La Rosa said.

Evoqua is working with the City to rehabilitate production of the plant to generate six million gallons of clean water per day, provide state-of-the-art upgraded membranes to provide the best ultra-filtration available, and enable the plant to ultimately produce and deliver 10 MGD in the future.

“What we did get as a result of the lawsuit, is the ability to bring the plant back so it can provide water service to our citizens and businesses,” added De La Rosa.

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