Student lured from campus, alleges assault


San Benito police officials responded to a call at San Benito High School in reference to a sexual assault outcry from a female student earlier this month.
According to the police report, on the early hours of that Thursday morning, the victim, a female student at SBHS, said she was video chatting with her boyfriend when her ex-boyfriend, the alleged assailant, approached her and grabbed her by the waist, telling her he wanted to talk about their failed relationship.
The victim attempted to ignore and deflect the suspect claiming there was nothing to discuss, but according to the report, the suspect at one point grabbed the victim’s cell phone and backpack as a way of convincing her to go to his house where they could speak privately. According to the victim, shortly after this, both students then left the premises.
As the students were walking down Railroad Road located off North Oscar Williams, the report continued, a white four door vehicle pulled up next to them. The driver of the vehicle, who the victim claims she did not recognize, exited the driver’s seat, at which point the assailant opened the back passenger door and pushed the victim in, locking the doors. With no one else but the victim in the vehicle, the suspect jumped into the driver’s seat and drove to his house, read the report.
After arriving at the assailant’s house, which according to the police report is located within the Tropics Mobile Home Community, the victim said she was instructed by the suspect to go inside the home. She said she tried signaling for help from a nearby person but to no avail, however, as the person was drinking and paid no attention. Once inside, read the report, the students were sitting on a couch when the assailant placed his hands around the victim’s waist, apologizing for the failed relationship, and assuring her not to be scared. Eventually, read the report, this came to a halt when the male instructed the victim to hide in his room as his mother was knocking on the front door.
In the meantime the suspect was attending to his mother, read the report, the student was trying to escape through a closet that was connected to the restroom, but couldn’t get the hatch to open.
According to the report, the suspect then entered the room, pushed the victim onto his bed, pinned her down, and began taking her clothes off. The reporting police officer asked the victim if that had caused her any pain to which she responded no.
While the victim told the officer she felt no pain due to this, the police report stated that the suspect then proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her against her will even after protesting several times.
The report then continued that the male told the victim that he was going to take her back to school and for her to stop being scared. The male and the victim then entered his vehicle, which according to the report was a teal Ford truck, and had her sit in the passenger seat. The victim said that the suspect then reclined the passenger seat all the way down so that she could lie down covered.
The report concluded that upon returning to the high school, the suspect was able to bypass security by saying he was going to drop off some papers. Instead, he dropped off the victim and left the school grounds. After being dropped off, the victim, stated the police report, contacted a relative who works at the high school to explain what had just occurred.
The report also stated that the victim was referred to C.A.R.T, which is a type of examination sexually abused victims go through to determine the degree of their assault.
Chief of Police Michael Galvan said that the issue is a sensitive one and would look further into the matter.

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