Nov 09 2018

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District public relations director inconspicuously ‘resigns’

After 20 years of service to the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District (SBCISD), Celia Longoria, now former Director of Public Relations resigned Wednesday morning, just a day after voters approved a $40 million bond initiative set forth by the district.
Several sources within the district said that Longoria was called into a meeting with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nate Carman the morning in question and an unnamed human resources representative, where she was given a choice to either resign or face termination. A reason has not been determined.
The News contacted School Board president Michael A. Vargas for clarification and comment, but he did not answer nor return messages left to him.
School board members Orlando Lopez, Victor Rosas, and M.L. Garcia did not answer or respond to messages.
Some board trustees, however, did have brief comments on the matter.
Janie Silva, elected to the board earlier this year, said she was able to speak to Longoria, who told Silva “she was let go.” Silva then later rephrased her response as, “she resigned.”
She also said that though the board doesn’t know all the details, they would get to the bottom of the matter.
Sonia Weaver, also elected this year, did answer her phone but was amidst company and advised to call her at a later time. When the News attempted to do so, there was no answer.
Vice-president of the board Angel Mendez was also contacted and said that he found out via notifications from the Superintendent, or an “FYI,” if you will. He also stated he didn’t know the reason behind the action but promised to look into the matter further.
Early Thursday morning, the News received a response from the district to an email inquiry, stating, “Yesterday, Celia Longoria officially resigned from her post as Director of Public Relations, effective immediately.  We thank Ms. Longoria for her service to San Benito CISD and wish her well in her future endeavors.”
The email also states that Public Information/Communication Specialist Isabel C. Gonzalez will be serving as Interim Director of Public Relations.
The statement, however, did not include reasoning for Longoria’s termination.
When asked for comment, Longoria said that she has an attorney but would rather not speak openly about the matter or via media.

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