Guitar instructors debut new musical project: El Grupo Sierreño

L-R are guitar instructor Jorge Mascorro and classical guitar students Anel Martinez (bass), Fernando Guillen (accompanying guitar), Juan Garcia (second guitar), and Julian Gonzalez (lead requinto/ voice) who pose for a photo after their debut performance at a SBCISD Town Hall on Oct. 15.

By David Lopez

Special to the NEWS

San Benito High School’s musical talent has added another act to its repertoire, the Grupo Sierreño de San Benito. Stemming from the guitar class and program of Mr. Jorge Mascorro, the Grupo Sierreño debuted this past Monday as an opening act for SBCISD’s Town Hall over the bond election.

Sierreña music is highly popular in Mexico in states like Sonora though not as much in the Rio Grande Valley, but students who feel close to the culture from the across the border have taken the musical style under their wings.

Sierreña music literally refers to music from the “sierra,” or mountain range. The sound and rhythm is similar to Norteña but features only guitars, giving it a “campesino” or peasant style,” said lead requinto Julian Gonzalez. “We’ve been listening to that music for a long time, and a lot of young kids listen to it. We always wanted to form a group, and we were given that opportunity thanks to Mr. Mascorro,” he said.

“This idea began as other programs have: trying to cover the interests of students and giving them another option to demonstrate the talent here at school and in San Benito,” said instructor Jorge Mascorro. “So I noticed that a lot of students here liked sierreña music, and, since last year, I began a group that all graduated, so I began with these students, who are all in 9th grade. So they still have a long time to improve and perfect their skill,” he said.


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