Apr 27 2018

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Accusers fire back at Vargas: Hernandez says she plans to file charges against Board President

Lydia Hernandez

After seeing her allegations against current SBCISD Board President Michael Vargas described as nothing more than lies, former Arizona State Representative Lydia Hernandez has responded by claiming she has documents and witnesses to prove her account. Hernandez, who maintains she was assaulted by Vargas at a “social event,” says she plans to return to San Antonio in the next few days to officially file charges against Vargas.

The allegations stem from an incident that Hernandez says occurred after a MASBA board meeting in San Antonio last month. As previously reported by the NEWS, Vargas is being accused of throwing a glass filled with an alcoholic drink at Hernandez. Despite Vargas saying he “wholeheartedly denies the false allegations,” Hernandez is adamant that she has the proof to back her words.

“There was a room full of witnesses that will confirm what happened to me,” said Hernandez. “Never in my life have I felt so demeaned… I honestly cannot believe that (Vargas) would just flat out deny what happened. Every Board Member saw what happened.”

According to Vargas, however, the claims by Hernandez are fabricated and politically motivated..

“I emphatically denounce these attempts to slander and defame me, my position as an elected public servant, and my professional reputation as an advocate for social justice,” said Vargas in a statement. “This is not only a political attack but an attack on my entire life’s work. I have invested my entire adult, professional life to social justice and equity causes, namely racial and gender equality.”

Although Hernandez did file a police report, she was advised that she still had to follow additional steps to officially file charges against Vargas. She noted that she would be travelling down to San Antonio from Arizona to make sure charges authorities would follow up on the charges.

“I think he should be forced to resign from any leadership position he has and I think it should even go further than that,” added Hernandez. “Honestly if I did what he did, I would expect to end up in jail… He hit me with a glass and this is not alright.”

Hernandez also claimed that Vargas resigned from his position of Secretary for MASBA, though Vargas could not be reached to respond to this claim.

One of the many witnesses that Hernandez reportedly has is Arizona activist Dee Dee Blase. According to Blase, Vargas’ denials are unfathomable. She notes that she has no political agenda and is offended that Vargas would include her name in his defense.

“I was one of the individuals who advised Lydia Hernandez to file a policeman report because of the assault against her by a MASBA board officer (Michael Vargas),” said Blase in a statement. “It’s my understanding Vargas has resigned since the incident occurred.  Women these days are fed up with being treated with violence, and this is precisely why the  #MeToo movement gains momentum. “

Blase added that her attempts to contact MASBA Board members have gone unanswered.

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