Jan 11 2018

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Making the Rounds: Senate Hopeful rolls through town on tour of Valley




By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

Beto O’Rourke, current U.S representative and the Democratic favorite to challenge Ted Cruz in the upcoming Senate race, made a stop in San Benito this past weekend during a campaign trip through the Rio Grande Valley. O’Rourke, a Democrat based out of El Paso, has been one of the hardest campaigners in Texas with over $2 million raised over a three month period despite not accepting cash from Super PAC’s.
“It’s a refreshing break to see a politician not accepting money from major companies or special interest groups,” said 38-year-old Martin Orozco. “There was a lot of positive energy during his speech and I think everyone in attendance was excited by what he had to say.”
O’Rourke, 45, spoke for a few minutes about his platform before taking open questions from the packed crowd inside of Sabor de me Tierra. The Democratic hopeful tackled everything from our relationship with Mexico to the “failed war on drugs.” After a little more than an hour, O’Rourke invited those in the building to go outside for a brief meet and greet and photo op. Dozens lined up for the chance to meet O’Rourke.
“I think most democrats know and understand that it would be an uphill battle to beat a republican in the state of Texas, but it is a big deal to at least have legitimate challengers to the status quo,” noted 35-year-old Jessica Arriaga, who traveled from Brownsville to see O’Rourke in person. “Usually people running for seats at the state level will forget about the south of the Rio Grande Valley so it was uplifting to see someone at least acknowledge this part of the state.

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