Aug 10 2017

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Off-duty SBPD officer arrested on multiple charges

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It’s been a rough few months for the San Benito Police Department. After dealing with the leaked recordings scandal, one of their own is facing serious charges. According to a press release from the City late Wednesday afternoon, a SBPD officer was arrested and charged with multiple crimes on August 8.
Per the release:
On August 8, 2017, San Benito Police Department officers arrested an off duty San Benito police officer. He is currently charged with burglary of habitation and driving while intoxicated.
City administration holds all employees accountable to legal standards while ensuring their due process, as afforded under the law, according to City Manager Manuel De La Rosa.
Ledezma is a certified officer under Texas law, and commissioned by the City of San Benito. Ledezma’s arrest will be handled and processed in accordance with the requirements of Civil Service law as set forth in Chapter 143, Texas Local Government Code, and local rules adopted by the San Benito Civil Service Commission.
His arrest stems from a call to service at 100 Cornejo Drive in which a female caller stated that he broke into her apartment and assaulted her. He was later found driving while under the influence of alcohol and subsequently arrested by San Benito police officers.
“I am proud of those officers in making the right decisions and doing what they had to do in spite of their own personal feelings. I am proud that we have officers who are willing to demonstrate that degree of professionalism,” Police Chief Michael Galvan said.
Ledezma has been placed on unpaid administrative leave and the citizens of San Benito can expect the internal investigation to be comprehensive in nature, with a focus on due process, and resulting in appropriate action, Galvan said.

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