Aug 04 2017

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Sales tax up nearly 10 percent from last July

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

The City of San Benito is continuing their upward growth as sales tax numbers took a jump for another month. After seeing their totals go up nearly five percent last month, the Resaca City outdid themselves this month with a jump of 9.03% compared to July of last year. For the entirety of 2017, San Benito has raked in a whopping $2,646,247 for an increase of 4.48% from this time last year.
This July saw sales tax totals top $360,082 which is up from the $330,231.55 the City collected last July. For comparison, the entire State of Texas saw an increase of 8% for the month of July and is up 3.21% from this time last year.
Harlingen saw a similar spike in sales tax, but not as much as San Benito. For July, Harlingen’s numbers increased 7.45%, though our neighboring city recorded another month of more than a million dollars in sales tax, nearly tripling that of San Benito.
Surprisingly, Los Fresnos clocked a decline in sales tax after racking up the largest increase of any Valley city last month. The total dipped to $128,747, down from the $154,883.26 they recorded last July.
Rio Hondo also saw their sales tax numbers fall, though not nearly as much. The total there came out to $16,443 as opposed to the $18,490 recorded last year.
Many within the city were pleasantly surprised with the numbers.
“I would have never known little San Benito is doing so well in sales tax,” said 45-year-old Jose Lerma. “I read last week about us being ranked the poorest town in the state, but these numbers show that we are growing… maybe next year we will be on the other end of those rankings”
Throughout the state, Houston once again dominated the monthly sales tax figures, raking up over $50 million for the month of July. Fort Worth saw the biggest jump among major cities with a 10.3% increase over last year’s numbers. All figures are from the Texas Comptroller’s Office.
Sales tax totals are calculated and totaled at the end of each month.

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