Word of Mouth: Local musician gets album on Spotify, Apple Music

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor


Most of us are told from a young age that we could do and be anything that we could dream. It’s safe to say that San Benito native Matt Montalvo took that saying to heart.
Last week Montalvo officially released his first album, entitled Looking Up, to Spotify and Apple music. The album joins a list of four mixtapes to form a solid body of work for someone who has only been generating music for the last eight years.
“This album has been in the works for about three years now so I’m excited to finally get it out there,” said an excited Montalvo. “It’s something that kept getting pushed back and pushed back and I was finally able to put everything together and get it to a point I was comfortable releasing it.”
Montalvo worked to get his music on Spotify and Apple Music and in turn, will receive royalties from both streaming music services based on how many plays his music gets. He is also receiving royalties from YouTube music.
“I’m pumped to finally be in position to get some money out of this music, but that’s not necessarily what I’m after right now,” said Montalvo, who saved up to compile his own recording studio in his newly built house. “I just want to get my music out there and have people hear me. I love knowing that my music can have a positive impact on someone that I might never meet.”
In addition to his musical career, Montalvo is preparing for another year as a gym coach at Idea San Benito. The 26-year-old has led the Dragons eighth grade flag football team to two state titles in his tenure as their coach. As a popular member of the staff at the Idea campus, his music has become a favorite of many of the students there.
“One of things that is really important to me is keeping my music respectable and suitable for most people,” noted Montalvo. “I take pride in writing lyrics that have a meaning and some substance.”

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