Aug 01 2017

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$12.6 Million general fund budget proposed

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

A little over five years ago, the state of Texas deemed it necessary for San Benito to make upgrades to their sewer system. Now, after a budget workshop this past week, City officials will have to decide if they want to borrow money to complete those upgrades. The dilemma was just one of the topics breached as administrators work to complete their budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
City Manager Manuel De La Rosa proponed a preliminary general fund budget of $12.6 million, which would come with a $4.6 million cash reserve fund. The proposed budget is on par with last year’s, which was an almost identical figure, and comes with no property tax increase. While discussions are still ongoing and the number is far from final, it’s a good indication of what officials are thinking at this point.
Although De La Rosa could not be reached before press time on Thursday, past reports show that the City is facing multiple increases in expenditures, including the request for raises from the Police Union and an increase in cost for city employee health insurance.
The budget workshop also revealed that the City intends to use the money they recently won from a lawsuit to help pay for upgrades to Water Plant No. 1.

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  1. memorodriguez

    Makes no darn sense.Last year the City Management was budgeted 29,985 dollars for TRAVEL/TRAINING/PER DIEM. The FIRE DEPT only 10,484 and POLICE DEPT only 9,535 dollars. In the 2015-2016 the city management was only budgeted 7,810 why the big jump ? What is WORSE is the City COMMISSION is approving all this. Things that make you go HMMM.

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