Jul 13 2017

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Superintendent interviews set for July 21

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

The search for a new superintendent of SBCISD is inching closer and closer to the finish line. After switching consulting firms, the board of trustees now has close to 50 applications to look over. With the help of JG consulting, that number will be lowered as those who do not meet the criteria set forth by the board are weeded out.
According to the consulting firm’s website, the next superintendent must “be a proven leader of academic growth for all students in diverse communities.”
Another requirement is that the candidate must “be a team builder that is committed to work in partnership with the Board of Trustees, students, staff, parents and community to build a climate of transparency, mutual trust and cooperation.”
While the application process has officially been ended, only the lone finalist for the job will be revealed as all other names will be held confidential. This year the Superintendent is expected to be named before the start of the school year, a big difference from the last two Superintendents who each took over in November.
According to the timeline included on the application, the announcement on which candidates will receive in person interviews will be made on July 21 with the initial round of interviews taking place between July 22 and July 30. The board is expected to announce their lone finalist on July 31, at which point Texas law states that individual must wait 21 days before signing a contract with the district. If all goes well, the new Superintendent will begin work on July 22, six days before students return to school.
McShan consulting firm in Harlingen was the initial firm selected to help with the search, but the district did not choose to interview any of the candidates McShan gave them and chose to move on.
San Benito has been without a Super since Dr. Adrian Vega’s resignation became official in June. Hilda Rendon has been serving as the Acting Superintendent for the district since then. There is no doubt some sense of urgency for the district as they are looking for their first Super to stay with the District for more than two years since Antonio Limon left office in 2015. The district is going on their third hire since then.

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