Jun 02 2017

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Commission to launch investigation into leaked tapes

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

Less than a month after naming a new, the City of San Benito is already facing their first major scandal. Commissioners gathered at an emergency meeting Wednesday night, where they sought legal advice from City Attorney Ricardo Morado regarding the leaked recordings of Police Chief Michael Galvan. Commissioners referred questions to Morado, who confirmed the City would be launching their own investigation, but would not confirm if it would be internal or if they would hire an outside agency.
Morado also declined to comment on whether the investigation would focus on Galvan’s recordings of conversations, the downloading of said recordings — apparently from a public server — or their distribution and possession by unknown individuals.
Galvan confirmed on May 25 that recordings of his had been downloaded from the Police Department’s computer system. After the incident, Galvan noted that he was planning to launch an internal investigation and that said the person who accessed and distributed the recordings and those who possess them could face felony charges of tampering with evidence.
Galvan stated that he would record conversations to help bolster police investigations.
City Commissioner Esteban Rodriguez requested the Special Meeting.

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