Jun 01 2017

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Los Fresnos man given 100 years in prison

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

A Los Fresnos man is set to be in prison until next century after a seven-day trial pertaining to multiple charges of child abuse. Fabiano Mayorga, 46, was found guilty of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child as well as Continued Sexual Abuse of a Child. The same jury that found him guilty of the crime then sentenced Mayorga to fifty years for each offense.
Per a statement from prosecutors, the victim initially made an outcry to a friend at school. The friend then told school officials who acted quickly.
“Thanks to the fast-acting administrative staff of the school, law enforcement was brought in on the very same day… We are fortunate to have such vigilant staff in our school systems to help speak for those who have been victimized,” said Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz.
The conviction is one that will have to be served day-for-day as the Aggravated distinction does not allow for an early release.

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