Apr 21 2017

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Student scholarship numbers continue to increase

By Sierra Flores
Special to the News

Senior students at San Benito High School have been working and studying for years for their time to finally walk across the stage to receive their diploma, but their hard work doesn’t stop there. Students have also been preparing for college by applying to dozens upon dozens of scholarships throughout the year.
“The more they apply to, the more opportunity they have for scholarships,” stated Interim Higher Ed Coordinator, Yvette Cantu.
The number of applicants has continued to increase over the years with up to $11 million worth of scholarships being offered to students in the 2015-2016 school year.
This year, students are given the opportunity to apply to 15 different scholarships per month, not including the 21 different local organizations that have offered scholarship opportunities as well.
“A lot of students are hesitant because they think they won’t get it, but we encourage them to apply and to apply to as many as possible,” stated Cantu.
While the majority of students at SBHS wish to attend their dream college, it is becoming harder and harder for that dream to become a reality. With the escalating price of college, the only hope for many of these students is an academic scholarship.
“We push and push our kids to go to college from the time they are little kids, but every year it seems the prices go up,” said 44-year-old Miriam Arredondo, who’s son received a major scholarship just last year. “I’m very thankful that the school is so helpful in getting our children in the best position for these scholarships.”

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