Apr 21 2017

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A Visit from the County Clerk: Sylvia Garza-Perez the latest speaker at “Coffee With”

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

The weekly “Coffee With” speaker series held by the Chamber of Commerce has seen a wide array of distinguished guest take part in what has become a Valley-wide honor. However, the latest speaker, Sylvia Garza-Perez, holds achievement that nobody else has matched. Perez is the first only female elected as Cameron County Clerk since the department opened in 1836.
“We have to work very closes with the judges to obtain the correct court records, we are responsible for taking care of all the Commissioner Court meetings, we are the keeper for all records in the entire county after 1848,” said Perez. “I think there is a misconception that Clerks just sit at a window all day and say hi to people… We do so much more than that on a daily basis.”

Before becoming a County Clerk, Perez spent 25 years in the medical field after spending most of her younger years as a migrant worker. Despite her humble beginnings, however, she credits her parents with installing her sense of hard work.
“I come from a family of seven and I was the only girl,” said Perez. “We were all raised by my mother and we all went on to graduate college. From a little ranch out on the outskirts of 281, we all made it through perseverance and hard work.”

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