Mar 28 2017

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Boost in local receipts a growing trend in San Benito: Sales tax revenues show signs of life in Resaca City

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San Benito may be on track toward generating its largest annual sales tax revenues in the last 23 years, Texas Comptroller figures show.
The city has already recorded more than $1.1 million in receipts between January and March, accounting for a 3 percent year-to-date increase over 2016.
January saw $336,264.67 generated in San Benito, which was just over January 2016’s $332,924.56; and $454,376.80 in February and $324,698.53 in March. In comparison, revenues reported for the 2016 months of February and March were $432,718.69 and $317,352.77.
2016’s total take was already the highest since 1994 with $4,294,843.83 in sales tax revenues being generated. This was up from the $4,212,457.90 in 2015. Before then, the only instance in the last 23 years in which San Benito reported $4 million in sales tax allocations came in 2007, when the city recorded $4,043,699.87 on the year.

The following is a San Benito sales tax breakdown charting the last 10 years.
• 2016 – $4,294,843.83
• 2015 – $4,212,457.90
• 2014 – $3,943,121.93
• 2013 – $3,846,746.39
• 2012 – $3,824,529.39
• 2011 – $3,656,542.50
• 2010 – $3,557,853.46
• 2009 – $3,632,018.59
• 2008 – $3,992,420.84
• 2007 – $4,043,699.87

The numbers show growth that began in 2011, after 2010 marked the lowest revenues during a three-year decline.
A similar trend is being experienced by the Resaca City’s much-larger neighbor, with the city of Harlingen raking in an increase in receipts every year since 2010. Harlingen generated $22.5 million last year but is already on pace to top that, having recorded more than $6 million as of March.
The same can be said for Brownsville, Cameron County’s largest city, where sales tax revenues increased every year since 2011 after a two-year slump that accounted for as much as a $3 million decline. However, Brownsville’s year-to-date numbers ($9.3 million as of March) are almost 5 percent below 2016’s pace, which by the end of that year hit a 20-plus-year high of $36.9 million.

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